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Photo Measures

The easy way to save and share measures and dimensions on your own photos

Photo Measures

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Unlocking Creative Potential: AI-Powered Solutions for Design and Photography

In the age of digital innovation, Big Blue Pixel stands at the forefront of harnessing AI to revolutionize the way students and professionals approach complex tasks across various disciplines. 

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced in architecture, design, interior design, landscape design, and photography, we’ve developed a suite of AI-powered applications designed to streamline processes, enhance creativity, and deliver precise outcomes. 

Current Suite of Apps

These apps are not just tools; they are collaborators that bring your visions to life with efficiency and a touch of magic.

  • Photo Measures: This app revolutionizes the way measurements are recorded and shared. By allowing users to save and share dimensions directly on their photos, it streamlines the process of capturing and communicating measurements for spaces and objects, making it indispensable for architects, interior designers, and construction professionals.
  • Perfect Captions: Aimed at photographers and social media aficionados, Perfect Captions utilizes AI to generate insightful, witty, or descriptive comments for images. This tool not only enhances the storytelling aspect of photographs but also encourages engagement by crafting compelling captions to accompany your shared memories.

Planned Apps

In addition to our existing array of applications, we are excited to announce the development of three new tools set to redefine the landscape of AI-assisted design and creativity:

  • Design Draftsman: An AI-driven assistant catering to architects and designers, offering real-time drafting and design suggestions. This app will facilitate the creation of preliminary sketches, transforming rough ideas into structured outlines with ease.
  • EcoLandscaper: Tailored for landscape designers, this innovative app will leverage AI to provide sustainable landscaping solutions. By analyzing soil, climate, and local ecosystem data, EcoLandscaper will recommend plant species and design layouts that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.
  • StyleMuse: An AI companion for fashion and graphic designers, StyleMuse will offer inspiration and guidance on trends, color schemes, and design elements. By learning from your preferences and the vast database of design history, it will become an indispensable tool for creating cutting-edge works.

At Big Blue Pixel, our commitment to blending technology with creativity is unwavering. As we expand our portfolio of apps, our goal remains to empower creators with the tools they need to push boundaries, innovate, and bring their visionary projects to life. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the infinite possibilities that AI offers to the worlds of design, architecture, and beyond.

Empowering the Next Generation: AI Tools Tailored for Student Success

Our tools are not just about providing answers; they’re about enhancing the creative process, offering new perspectives, and enabling users to achieve unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency.

For Architecture and Interior Design Students

In the domains of architecture and interior design, the essence of creation extends beyond mere spatial arrangement—it’s about narrating a visual story, embodying a concept, and evoking emotions through design.

Recognizing the intricate blend of artistry and technicality required in these fields, our AI-powered applications are crafted to serve as catalysts for innovation and creativity.

Here’s how our suite of tools is transforming the educational landscape for architecture and interior design students:

  • Enhanced 3D Visualization: Our AI-driven apps offer sophisticated 3D modeling capabilities, allowing students to render their designs in lifelike detail. This feature not only aids in better spatial understanding but also enables the exploration of complex architectural forms and spaces.
  • Realistic Lighting and Material Simulation: Through advanced simulation technologies, students can experiment with an array of materials and lighting conditions, gaining insights into how these elements interact within a design. This helps in making informed decisions that enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of their projects.
  • Streamlined Drafting and Modeling: By automating routine drafting and modeling tasks, our applications free students to devote more time to conceptual development and creative exploration. This not only improves efficiency but also encourages a deeper engagement with the creative aspects of design work.
  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools: Recognizing the collaborative nature of architectural and interior design projects, our suite includes functionalities that facilitate real-time teamwork and feedback. This prepares students for the collaborative dynamics of the professional world, enhancing their communication and project management skills.
  • Portfolio and Presentation Features: A crucial aspect of design education is the ability to effectively present ideas. Our apps offer tools for creating polished presentations and portfolios, aiding students in showcasing their work in a professional manner that highlights their creativity and technical prowess.

By integrating these AI-enhanced tools into their toolkit, architecture and interior design students are empowered to push the boundaries of traditional design.

Landscape Designers

For landscape designers, our AI apps offer revolutionary capabilities in planning and simulating outdoor spaces. These tools can analyze the topology of a given area, suggest suitable plants based on climate and soil type, and simulate growth over time. This not only aids in creating more sustainable and resilient designs but also allows designers to experiment with and visualize the long-term impact of their landscapes.


Photography students can leverage our AI-powered apps to master their craft faster. These apps offer features like automated editing, style transfer, and composition suggestions, enabling budding photographers to focus on creativity and expression. Moreover, AI algorithms can help in sorting and organizing photos, recognizing patterns, and even suggesting the best angles or settings for a shot, based on an analysis of thousands of successful photographs.

Design Students

Design students, whether they’re focusing on graphic design, fashion, or industrial design, will find our AI tools incredibly beneficial. These apps can inspire new ideas, suggest color schemes, and offer layout suggestions, all while learning from the user’s style and preferences. AI’s ability to process vast amounts of design data means that students can be exposed to a wider range of design languages and histories than ever before.

The Big Blue Pixel Difference

At Big Blue Pixel, we believe that AI is a partner in the creative process, offering new ways to explore, create, and innovate. Our apps are designed to be intuitive, fostering a seamless interaction between the user and the technology. We’re committed to constantly evolving our offerings, ensuring that students and professionals in these fields have the most advanced tools at their fingertips to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In embracing AI, we’re not just looking to solve difficult tasks; we’re aiming to unlock a whole new realm of possibilities for creators across various disciplines. Join us in exploring this exciting frontier, where technology meets creativity, and where your next great idea is just an app away.